Wednesday’s Dose of Sunshine: Resign from Adulthood

Kevin Carroll wants you to resign from adulthood.

Seriously. He’s even drafted a resignation letter for you!

Picture 1

And we think he has a point.

We heard this entrepreneur, successful author, public speaker, and agent for social change at the Blissdom conference two weeks ago. We were blown away by the transformative power play had in his own life and with his experiences unleashing creativity and a sense of purpose through play at Fortune 500 companies, schools, and communities around the globe.

So if you haven’t just stepped off the treadmill and really played lately, set aside time today to do just that.

Make some rainbow pancakes, play a game of pirates with your kids, blow some bubbles, or jump on a trampoline for fun… What you do isn’t necessarily important. How you feel when you’re playing is (all that noise in your head can really just go poof). You’ll come away refreshed, re-energized, and maybe a little bit smarter too. For extra credit, think about what things you do in your regular, grown-up life that really feel like play. The more of what you do day-in-and-day-out feels like play, the richer you will be.


Bubbles play