Kids In The Kitchen

h4>Kids in the Kitchen

By Anna Allen

kidsinkitchen1A< I am an aunt of five curious and creative little ones. When they aren’t building forts or dancing to Disney Sing Alongs, we are creating. I am so excited that they are now reaching the ages in which they can help in bigger, more extravagant projects. (Though, I must admit, I certainly miss cuddling them as sweet cooing babies!) My oldest niece Carolyn (who is five) and I love to make goodies when I babysit. We have made everything from quesadillas to puppy chow—and she was so helpful and enthusiastic! Attempting to cook with young kids can be a bit overwhelming, but here are some tips to keep in mind while taking on the challenge!

1. Safety is first.

Explain very thoroughly the importance of staying safe in the kitchen. From cleaning up water spills immediately to the seriousness of a burn. Emphasize the point of being safe most crucial when in the kitchen.

2. Allow yourself plenty of time.

Make sure to pick a project that focuses entirely on allowing the child to shadow you. Try not to pick a time to let them assist when you are trying to get your own tasks done. (Sunday supper, birthday cakes, etc.)

3. Find a recipe which is “kid-friendly”.

A recipe designed with kids in mind is the perfect solution. With the internet at our fingertips and such helpful books as William Sonoma’s The Kid’s Cookbook such endeavors should be fairly simple.

4. Have them equally involved with the cleanup.

This will allow them to see how much time and effort goes into preparing what they see as a simple meal, helping them appreciate the amount of work cooking entails.

5. Have fun!

Be sure to let your little one’s ideas flow. You may not prefer sprinkles on your pizza, but hey, you only live once! : )

Enjoy & Bon Appétit!

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