10 Ways to Spend Your President’s Day

Now that you finally get to enjoy a day off from work without having to spend it at the beck and call of the holiday season — kick back and have some fun!

And even though we’re in the midst of the bleakest days of winter, there are still tons of bright ways you and your loved ones can enjoy your time together. So, to help you make the most of your time off, here are ten fun-filled suggestions on how to spend President’s Day:

#1: Be a Home Town Tourist
Ever pass a gaggle of tourists only to realize you’ve never checked out your city’s own claims to fame? Use your day off to be a home town tourist and hit up all the local places of interest you’ve been meaning to check out yourself. And yes, it’s okay to bring a camera — although you might want to skip on the fanny pack!

#2: Use Up Those Gift Certificates
If you’re like the rest of us, you’ve been meaning to cash in those holiday gift certificates but just haven’t had the time. Now’s your chance! And if you would rather avoid the mall, most companies now let you redeem your dollars online as well.

#3: Reconnect With Friends
Once you get caught up in a busy routine, it’s often extremely easy to fall out of touch with your best pals. So why not use President’s Day to reconnect with a few friends? After all, the day off gives you the perfect opportunity to hit that hot lunch spot without having to worry about being back in the office.

#4: An In House Production
If you’re stuck inside, spend the day gearing up for a family production. Whether it’s a classic story or something you concoct the day of, spend the day setting up your family production by creating make-shift costumes, setting the stage, and learning lines. Once you’re rehearsed, it’s lights, camera, action!

#5: The Great Outdoors

Use your day off to hit the slopes, the rink, or even a snow filled park. Whatever your cup of tea, grab your outdoor gear and enjoy the winter wonderland while you still can.

#6: Start A Garden
Although May flowers may be the last thing on your mind during this grey week in February, now is a great time to get the heads up on spring. Purchase a few packets of seeds and start your own indoor garden in your kitchen or living room. By the time those April showers roll around, your seedlings will be ready to plant.

#7: Fit For A Princess
Despite your efforts with top of the lines moisturizers and conditioners, the winter always manages to reek havoc on our hair and skin. President’s Day provides us the perfect opportunity to fight back, so hit the salon! While you’re at it, bring your little princesses along for the pampering —they’re sure to appreciate the royal treatment!

#8: Indoor Picnic

If the weather is particularly frightful in your neck of the woods, why not bring the outdoor activities in? Clear away the living room floor and give your little ones an indoor picnic — sans the sunscreen of course!

#9: Brush Up On Your Hobbies
We all have hobbies that we would love to devote more attention to. So whether you can paint, write, or jam up a storm, spend your day off brushing up on those talents you never seem to get enough of.

#10: Do Nothing!
Sometimes, nothing beats a day of pure relaxation, so why not use President’s Day to do just that? Stay in your PJs, have pancakes for lunch, and catch up on all those DVDs you never seem to have time to enjoy. After all, don’t you deserve it?