Project: Unsubscribe

Every morning I wake up and I grab my iPhone from it’s alarm clock and I groan because there are 20+ e-mails of advertisements.  Every single morning.  And I have said ENOUGH.  So next week is project: Unsubscribe.

As my emails are coming in next week I’m going to do one of the following:

Unsubscribe – the ones that are just not interesting, relevant or too frequent.

Establish Rules – To send the ones that I would still want but don’t want in my inbox to a specific folder.  (For example: Gap coupons – do you know how to set up rules?  If you’d like instructions on how to do this leave a comment and I’ll put up a video over the weekend)  This way if I actually NEED to purchase something I can see if there is a recent coupon without being tempted by coupons mid-week.  I’m going to establish another rule for newsletters and informative e-mails that I like to check out periodically.

Mark as Spam – For items that I don’t believe I have ever subscribed to (my need for performance enhancement doesn’t actually exist) I’m going to mark as spam so I’m never bothered by them again.  I don’t even want to try to unsubscribe because I don’t want to catch something from their site.

Will you be joining me in project unsubscribe?  Let me know what you’re using for e-mail and I’ll create a “how to create a rule” video for the different options people list.