Valentines Day Should be Everyday

Valentines Day Should be Everyday

By Anne Marie Furie

I am crazy about my husband. We will be married 20 years this anniversary and it’s still an adventure. He is smart – no really, genius smart – so he challenges me to keep up. He ‘gets’ me and I ‘get’ him – silly puns and all. He makes me feel safe and sane in an insane world. He does not agree with me politically at all times, which makes me have to really be on top of my rhetoric or he will nail me. And yes, there are days I will tell you that I would trade him for a nickle – but I don’t really mean it! We don’t fight often and mostly have fun together. We fit together in a comfortably chafing way that works really well for us.

But we are so busy today – more so than ever before in our lives. It seems like time moves faster as I grow older. Is that a theory of Einstein’s? I sometimes wish it would slow down. How do I have the time to get everything done for work let alone the home? How do I have the time to stop and appreciate my special guy?

Valentine’s Day is the day we remember our loved ones. Everyday should be a Valentines Day. I try to be organized, as I know you all do, but really, sometimes it gets away from me. And suddenly I realize that the “Thank You’s” I say sound trite and automatic instead of genuine – and are missing altogether other days.

How awful to be on the receiving end of me on those days! So I look at Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to step back, slow down and let the one I love know he is loved.

I don’t spend much money – a funny card from the dogs and a serious one from me, maybe a little candy. I give of myself. I stop and give an extra hug in the morning before our hectic day starts, a back rub without having to be asked for it, I cook a meal I know will be eaten and enjoyed (not my strong point), I put little notes on the remote (I know my guy!), milk carton and mirror telling him just what he means to me. That he is my partner, my best friend, my confidant, my life, my love.

And sometimes during the year, I try to make it Valentine’s Day all over again.