Friday’s Game Plan: A Green Super Bowl

I’m always looking for new ways to build upon my “going green” New Year’s Resolution and the Super Bowl should be no different.

Last year a whopping 95.4 million viewers watched the Super Bowl. If history tells us anything, it is that this Sunday in particular will be a big day for football parties as the Colts and Saints square off!

While preparing for the party don’t forget how it will impact your eco-footprint! A few important things to keep in mind:

1. Say “no” to delivery. Domino’s Pizza sales jump 30% on Super Bowl Sunday and various other pizza places also see an increase. Did you know that the pizza boxes are not recyclable? This year try making your own pizza with other eco-friendly snacks such as veggies with homemade dip!

2. If you bought a new TV to watch the big game this year make sure to recycle your old screen. Sales for televisions increase by 60 percent during Super Bowl week. Donate your old TV for reuse or recycle it (use Earth 911 to find places where you can recycle it). You’ll keep lead, mercury, and other e-waste byproducts out of landfills.

3. The NFL sets a good eco-example in game preparation, whether it be producing a carbon neutral game or collecting gear for organizations in the host city. If you aren’t attending the game this year be sure to collect donations of clothes, sports equipment, or shoes for local organizations or donate to your favorite charity.

I hope everyone has an eco-friendly Super Bowl Sunday and remember by throwing or going to a party you are already being green!