Wednesday’s Dose of Sunshine: Simple Valentine’s Day Ideas for Kids.

February is one of my very favorite months.

Maybe it’s the fact the sun decides to peek out a bit more, or perhaps it’s simply because the stores are covered with thoughts of love. While some simply detest the thought of valentine’s day, I once being one of them, I decided to celebrate with the thought of simply celebrating love.

Each year I gather a few of my favorite finds and gift them to my little nieces and nephews. They are always so elated and I love collecting sweet odds and ends throughout the year.

This year I have decided to switch things up a bit and have a night with the little ones while letting my sisters go out on dates with their husbands!
My nieces are thrilled and we have come up with some fun things to do, including: heart shaped personal pizzas, princess movies, making valentines and most likely, lots of Taylor Swift karaoke.

I recently came across a few more ideas I think would be absolutely perfect for Valentines Day with kids!

(Keeping in mind both level of difficulty and cost.)

A love & kisses jar would be so fun and simple! Along with being a great keepsake!

Hand prints are always sweet, especially as a heart stamp to frame!            This tutorial is super easy.heart

This melted heart crayon craft are great use for broken crayons and Valentines party treats!

Happy crafting!