Perform a Home Title Search Before It’s Too Late

Since every home possesses some sort of history, it’s imperative buyers looking to purchase any form of real estate conduct a home title search beforehand. Real estate property goes through so many owners that things can get a little messy at times, especially if liens and land encumbrances start building up. By contacting a title company or attorney, you can start cleaning up the mess with a home title search.

A home title search will help you determine a property’s legal ownership, as well as find out any judgments that are on the property. It will also help you determine any loans or property taxes due on a property.

Conducting Your Own Home Title Search

So how exactly do you go about conducting your own home title search? The process can be a bit overwhelming at times, but with a little guidance, you’ll be well on your way to cleaning up your home’s past, if need be.

1. Look over public records.

Visit your County Clerk’s office’s land/real property division. After filling out the form for a home title search, look for your property’s address through official records. Most official records can also be found online.

2. Confirm you’re investigating the right property.

You’d be surprised how many times mistakes during home title searches happen. Make sure that the description of the land and property on record is the same property you’re doing the home title search for.

3. Review the documents.

After your home title search is complete, gather all of the documents. On your own or with the assistance of a real estate attorney, review the chain of title and the history of owners on the deed. Don’t forget to take note of any and all liens, judgments, land encumbrances and land restrictions

4. Contact the seller.

It’s possible that the seller isn’t aware of any problems with the title. Inform the seller of any problems or liens you may have found as a result of your home title search.

Let Home Title Insurance Do the Talking

Talk to your home insurance agent about home title insurance. With the number of home title search mistakes rising, it’s imperative you protect yourself against all uncontrollable factors.

Staff contribution: Rafael Onak

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