Using Evernote in Decorating

I love design blogs, I adore wandering around Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware, I think a perfect Sunday is exploring a flea market.  I’m not sure that I have an actual “style” and I’m not much of a decorator but I do love these beautiful places full of fantastic stuff.

I had broken a handful of glasses over the last year and I knew I needed some new pieces and I casually started clipping images when I saw pieces that I liked.  My first step was to create a notebook in Evernote for my project to house all of these clippings. Over the course of a month I clipped 20 or so websites, snapped a few dozen photos with my iPhone and I realized through this exercise that I really loved mismatched glassware.  This is not something I would have expected.  I tend to be very uniform about things…but I just love the idea of having a ton of different glasses, none of which are the same.  If I had not waited the month to explore things that really spoke to me I would have gone straight to Crate & Barrel but 4 replacement glasses to match the set and called it done.

Now I’m having a great time browsing clearance glassware wherever I go and I plan on picking up just one of the pieces I really adore.  To keep things easy for when I do have guests and I want to present a nice table I decided that all the glassware will be a clear glass (not tinted)…so even if it’s all completely different that one element will be the same.

My next project is a new color scheme, quilt and window dressing for my bedroom.  Have you thought of a way to use Evernote that you’d like featured on the blog?  Let me know!