Friday’s Game Plan: Rain Gear!

I live in LA and while the rest of the country is used to getting battered by weather in the winter, Los Angeles residents are not.

It has been raining for five days straight and everyone is wet and tired of seeing the rain!

This weekend we expect to have a little reprieve before the next storm hits and I have decided to take to organizing and cleaning my rain gear.

I walked into a building today and they had all of these plastic umbrella bags and I think these are perfect to carry in the car. Earlier in the week I threw my umbrella in the car when I got in and my seats and all of my stuff got wet! I am on the search to find a reuseable umbrella bag, but in the meantime I plan to use this one again (so I can keep to my, being green resolution).

Also, I think it is important to keep all of my rain gear in one place where it can dry and not get my floor too wet. Near my entryway I plan to get a small bin where I can throw my rain boots in and anything else that might be wet upon my arrival to my house.

Now all I have to do is stay dry ☺