White Cloud Challenge: Rate the Roll Part II

As you already know, we’re going to be working with White Cloud over the next 6 months on many different projects.

We’ll be posting about our experiences and findings along with a handful of other really neat bloggers like GreenandCleanMom, KingdomFirstMom, BargainBriana, and KeeperOfTheCheerios. Last week Alicia posted about the first part of the “Rate the Rolls Challenge” for us. We’re on to part two of the challenge this week – and this time it’s all about toilet paper!

I received a box from White Cloud late last week. Inside were two rolls of toilet paper: one marked “A” and one marked “B.” My job: to simply pick the roll I prefer (and maybe hazard a guess as to which one was greener). Easier said than done is all I can say!

I opened the box and examined the rolls. They looked identical. They were both very white. They both had the same pattern stamped into the paper. And, they were both about the same size. I stared at them for a bit and after a few minutes, roll “A” seemed to be a little bit bigger than roll “B,” but I couldn’t really be certain.

The touch test yielded similar results. They were both very soft. Roll “B” seemed to be a little bit softer than roll “A,” but when I closed my eyes, mixed them up so I didn’t know which roll was which, and then tried to find the “softer” one, I couldn’t. No noticeable difference on the squeeze test either. Ditto on actual usage.

What’s a girl to do? I couldn’t fail to do the assignment – I had to pick a winner. So I threw caution to the wind and picked “B,” (remember that slightly softer feel I imagined?). And then, I called in the big guns: my family. Could they tell the difference? Which roll would they prefer? Did they think that one roll was “greener” than the others?

A tie?

A tie?

Will, my three year old, made his decision very quickly. He touched them both for a moment and then shouted “B!”

Will's Pick: Roll B

Will's Pick: Roll B

Gardiner, my husband, looked the rolls over first, and said “it’s a trick: they’re identical.” But when he touched them, he thought that roll “B” was maybe a tad softer. I mixed up the rolls so he didn’t know which was which and then had him try to identify the softer roll. His pick: “B.” So, maybe Roll B was a little bit softer after all. With all else being equal, he said “B” was the winner.

Convinced it's a tie

Gar Picks Roll B

Pansey, our babysitter, and Lachlan, our five-month-old waded in to see if they could pick a winner. After much hemming and hawing, they picked Roll “B,” but again, without too much conviction that there was much of a difference.

Pansey (and Lachlan) picked Roll B

Pansey (and Lachlan) picked Roll B

Net/net: we all agreed that if we knew one of the rolls was “green” and the other one was not – we’d go with the green one, because to us, even though “B” did feel a little bit softer, the quality was pretty much identical. We all guessed that Roll A was the green one because it was the coarser of the two rolls (but only by the tiniest margin).

Check back later to see which roll was which.

Disclosure: This is sponsored content and we have been paid to do this post. That being said, we do not blog about anything we do not believe in and White Could did not edit our post or direct our content in any way.