Remembering Moments with our Kids

When Lexi was a baby everyone would tell me that I should write things down – because you’ll forget.  Not the lists, not the mundane every day stuff like Laundry – that’s going to be on my list for the rest of my life – but the memories.  The moments.  The glimpses into your life now.  For the first year of Lexi’s life I wrote about those moments on my blog in monthly letters to her.  At the year mark I stopped the letters – it seemed like the milestone to do it at the time.  But I didn’t want to lose those moments.

So….you know what comes next (my friends just yelled EVERNOTE the way they do because they know how I feel about it) I made an Evernote notebook.  I have a note for each new month and as things happen that I want to remember I just scribe the date and the memory.  Like this one:

January 18th…For the past few mornings she wakes up and doesn’t want to get out of her crib – I can totally relate to this feeling.  She points and says OOOOkkks (that’s books in Lexi’s language still) and I hand her some books and she waves, blows me a kiss as my okay to leave the room.  I leave and I can hear her reading (eeeerrrrrr – waaaaaa- OOOh – errrrrr) she stays up there reading for like a half and hour and when she has had enough she yells Caaaaaaaa (which is her ma when she’s yelling) COME Caaaaaa Come Caaaa.  I’m so glad that we brought Mandy into our lives and taught Lexi the word come.

It’s a memory journal.  I plan on making Lexi a book for her birthday with pictures from that year and the memories scattered around.  For her first year I did it with pictures and my letters to her….and I hope that I’m able to keep making her a book for a long time.  I am making a copy for my Mom’s for mothers day – they adore her and I think they’ll treasure reading about her little moments and seeing her face too.

Some people are great at scrap booking – and I think those books are INCREDIBLE.  I happen to be excellent at buying scrapbook supplies.  Not at the actual art of scrapping however.  So I figure this will fill that void nicely.