Cool Find: “Your Birthday Book”

My family and I recently celebrated three of my five nieces and nephews birthdays over the past two months.

Julia turned three, Carolyn five, and Nathan six. While the weekends were filled with various parties to celebrate the little one’s, it seems like a big birthday blur in my mind–time truly does fly by.
Thankfully my sisters are always on the prowl for wonderful mementos to help us cherish the memories. My sister Katie absolutely adores a book titled “Your Birthday Book“.

“Your Birthday Book” is a baby book of sorts–but more so a year-by-year documentation of your little ones up till they are your not-so-little ones.

Each of the eighteen years has a section crafted to capture certain aspects of your child’s life at that time, with questions, photo spots, and built in envelopes to store their artwork, and other various keepsakes. You can buy it on Amazon for a very reasonable price. What a wonderful way to capture those priceless memories! I can’t wait to look through it at each of their eighteenth birthdays! ; )