Moleskine Journals

I have been a huge fan of Moleskine products for quite some time now and I received the 12 individual calendar journals as a Christmas gift this year from a wonderful friend.

Twelve individual journals are included in the set, one for each of the months. They are light weight and I have been carrying around book number 1 since January 1st. I have found the best use for these monthly booklets is to keep track of my resolutions. I have made certain resolutions about health and fitness and diet that are easy to track on the rather small pages. Also, I find the books are particularly useful for organizing the thoughts that creep into my mind just before I go to bed. I always remember a million things I need to do right before I fall asleep and I have found that keeping the book on my night stand has been very useful. If you want to use the books as an actual day planner, the pages are broken down into hours during the weekdays.

The journals are just big enough to keep track of the things I need to remember and light enough to carry around everywhere! I hope you find the journals useful and the best part is you can custom tailor the pages to fit your needs!