I just took the quiz and my guru is you. Such as yourself I have been able to be successful in my life, both personally and professionally with my organizational style. I do have a question for you: I am also very creative and spontaneous about many things in my life one of them is being organized…when I get a home or work project I am very organized. I think its the day to day. Any insight or tips you can provide would be much appreciated!

I find that I keep up with the day to day by writing it down – usually in my planner as a to do. This way it’s not ‘out of sight out of mind.’ I also have tried to set up routines – so when X TV show is on, I can listen to it while I do something that has to be done, but is rather mindless, like load the dishwasher, or empty it, or dust, or sort the laundry. I even do this when I’m on the phone at home! This way I can listen to something I like and don’t necessarily have to watch, and still get something done that HAS to be done. Give it a try and let me know how it works for you.