Wednesday’s Dose of Sunshine: I Will Trumps I Won’t

I will be honest, resolutions are not really my thing. They tend to be focused on the negative (stop eating like a cow, eliminate your spendthrift ways) rather than the positive.

So this year, I am trying a new twist on the whole resolution thing. Instead of coming up with an list of “I won’t” statements I have decided to compile a list of “I will” ones. I don’t know about you, but for some reason, when I tell myself I can’t or shouldn’t do something my brain decides to put up a fight, passively wanting to do the opposite of anything I have chosen to strive for. Crazy how that sometimes works!

I think psychologically, wording a resolution can make a world of difference in how we respond in our behaviors.

So perhaps, if you are like me, this approach will help make your 2010 resolutions a little bit more encouraging.

Some examples…

Instead of ‘I won’t eat junkfood’ try ‘I will only treat myself to one unhealthy snack a day.’
Instead of ‘I won’t take the bus on campus everyday’ try ‘I will walk to all of my classes on campus, only taking the bus when I go off campus.’
Instead of ‘I won’t watch as much t.v.’ try ‘I will watch t.v. for at most one hour a day.’
Instead of ‘I won’t spend impulsively when shopping for clothes’ try ‘I will think of a.)how often I would wear it b.)if I already own something similar c.)whether it is a true need or just a want at that moment.’
Instead of ‘I won’t be so lazy about going to the gym’ try ‘I will do something active for at least 30 minutes once a day.’

Good Luck and Happy New Year!