Resolution for the Future

Resolution For The Future

Well, it’s that time again! New Year resolutions abound and the top ones – still – are weight loss, fitness, quit smoking, or quit drinking.

My husband doesn’t like to make New Year resolutions, he says it’s just another day and we should be able to make any change at any time. True, if I was as disciplined as he is.

To me New Years is a fresh start, a clean slate if you will. It’s our chance to face the future and make commitments to change, to be better than we were last year. It is a stake in the ground and a point in time to enable us to gauge our success as well as our failures.

It’s a time of reflection of the past year – what went right, what went wrong, how can I improve and do it better or differently to achieve the goals that I’ve set? I’ve long given up on more than three resolutions. I try to focus on one and work hard to achieve it, and then work on the next. This year I’m focusing on health first. Specifically to reduce my weight, increase good organic foods and reduce if not eliminate unhealthy food from my diet. When I feel I have this under control, then I will decide which goal to tackle next. This keeps me from getting overwhelmed and keeps me focused.

What do you do to keep on track with your New Year’s resolutions?