Last Minute Holiday Snack Recipe!

When I saw this Reindeer Chow recipe, a few things ran through my mind:

1) This looks/sounds SO good
2) Both adults and kids would LOVE this
3) I have every ingredient in my pantry except for the cereal which wouldn’t cost me more than $4
4) This would take less than 10 minutes to make

So if you need a last minute super easy and super sweet holiday snack for Christmas (or Christmas Eve), here you go!

Reindeer Chow

5 cups Crispix Cereal
1 cup peanut butter
12 oz. package of semi-sweet chocolate morsels
1 box confectioner’s sugar

1. Melt chocolate in microwave 1 minute at a time until melted.
2. Add peanut butter to melted chocolate and mix well.
3. In a large bowl (with a snap on lid), add melted chocolate and peanut butter to top of cereal and mix well.
4. Add confectioner’s sugar and cover bowl with lid. Shake well to coat thoroughly.

If you don’t have a bowl with a lid, you can place the coated cereal and confectioner’s sugar in a large ziploc bag and shake well.