Organizing Your Car

It seems as though the inside of my car has become quite a mess.

I don’t know if it is because around the holidays I am spending more time in my car, I seem to be stuffing it full of items, or if I have just not been paying attention, but something must be done about its messiness factor!
I have chosen the following steps to guide me through the process of cleaning my car!

1. Sort and Clean Up: Take everything out of the car; this includes the glove box, car door pockets and the trunk. Organize the items into three piles; things you use all the time, things you use occasionally, and items you might need in an emergency. Any other items should be stored in your home or thrown away!

2. Analyze: Determine how you use your car. Are you in your car for long commutes or just short trips and long journeys for traveling? Do you work out of your car? By determining what you use your car for most you can more easily accomplish the next step.

3. Prioritize: Depending on your needs from above, you can decide which items need to be up front with you and which items can either be in the back seat or the trunk. In the winter it is important to have drinking water, warm weather gear, and emergency gear. These items can be stored in your trunk. Seasonal items when not in use can be stored at your home.

4. Contain your needs: Too many loose objects in the car lead to disorganization and a mess. In a sudden stop your items can end up all over the car or injure your occupants. Purchase products for trunk organization, CD storage, and leak proof litter bags.

5. Store: Make sure all of your insurance information, maps, and directions are all in your glove box, and be creative about storing the rest of your items to suit your needs. Make sure you don’t put anything on the floor!

Happy organizing, your car trips are surely to be more enjoyable this holiday season!