Resolutions for 2010

The holidays are still in full swing – the momentum is building and I’m thinking about resolutions.  I have to admit that I love the new years resolution – I also love the monthly resolutions and the Monday resolutions (like the one I have for this Monday: stop eating the cheese at holiday parties).  I was working on this post the past few days and I can’t help but pull the word apart.

Re Solutions – meaning in regard to solutions.

And really that’s what all of my resolutions are – they are a route to a solution; be it better health, financial ease or just being more fun loving.  My resolutions tend to be the same – which speaks to how well I’ve found appropriate long lasting solutions.  And this year I’m hoping for a different outcome.  So I’m approaching it differently.

In my ReSoltuions notebook in Evernote (seriously, if they have server problems you’ll find me spinning in circles in the corner of Target) I’m creating a resolution for each month – I’m going to come up with 12 Resolutions for 2010 and I’m going to focus on one resolution each month and keeping it going.  I’m sure that a few of these will end up on my 2011 (and my 2030) resolutions list but maybe one or two will carry over from the months before and that would be progress and I never look down at progress.

Here’s how my ReSolutions are starting to take shape….what do you think of my game plan?

January – Turn off the TV before I fall asleep and take five deep breaths.  Just be still.
February – Dance every single day – maybe put music on your alarm clock so you start the day dancing.  It’s a better day when you shake it.
March – Dairy.  Just let it go for the month.  See what happens.  You’ll miss the cheese – sure – but maybe you’ll be just fine without it.
April – Operate all of your unplanned expenses with cash this month – be really thoughtful about how you’re breaking those bills.