New Year’s Resolutions

The New Year is just around the corner and in preparation I have started to organize my New Year’s resolutions.

It is important to create a plan, because without one, your resolutions will never resolve, as the word resolution implies. The perfect time to create a plan is now; while you are in the holiday spirit and getting ready to start the New Year and decade! The first step to creating a successful goal sheet is to write down your plans. I have created mine using excel and have various tabs based on the following categories; health and fitness, mind/learning, finances, career, community involvement, and self-understanding. In each of the following tabs, I have summarized my goals for the upcoming year and have broken them down into specific actionable items per month. For instance, in the health and fitness category, I think it is important to set measurable goals that will really push me to stay healthy. I have chosen to compete in a race once every quarter and to improve my overall time. I have picked two triathlons, a cycle race, and a 12k. These are very specific goals that once I compete and finish the race I will have been able to accomplish my goal. By breaking my goals down by month, I am forcing myself to think of the entire year and not just in the beginning of the year.

The most important tip for New Year’s resolutions is to remain flexible. You can expect that your plan will change and goals will have to be shifted. Remember to recognize your successes along the way and continue to remind yourself that your goals are attainable.