Friday’s Game Plan: Holiday Lists

The holidays are quickly approaching and for the past two weeks I have carried over the same task from day to day on my to-do list: making holiday lists.

I started creating a holiday list three years ago and I have found that it helps me stay more focused and decreases the chance that I will be running around last minute! My game plan this weekend is to finalize my holiday lists. I think it is important to organize your holiday list based on what you need. For instance, I create one for gifts, entertaining, and travel.

1. Gifts: My gifts checklist includes everyone I am buying gifts for broken down by people that are close and then others who receive homemade goods and/or cards. I create a list with everyone’s name and then the gifts that I intend to purchase for each person.

2. Entertaining: This checklist is particularly important for preparing holiday parties. I create various holiday menus and give myself a breakdown of grocery items and decorating items that need to be purchased.
3. Travel: Because, I travel to visit family over the holidays, I create a travel list so I can be prepared and not feel like I’m forgetting something last minute.

By creating lists I feel more prepared and focused as I head into the holidays and I hope that you find the process to be productive as well! Happy shopping!