Thursday’s Carrot: Don’t Fall Off The Fitness Wagon!

So it’s almost the end of the week, you’re exhausted, and the last thing you want to do is WORK OUT.

Plus, you’ve got a million things to do today, how can you fit in your fitness routine? First, you need to STOP with the snowball effect of excuses and remember the reason for exercising in the first place. Whether it be losing weight, staying slim, keeping a healthy weight, living longer for yourself and for your loved ones, don’t lose sight of your goal(s) and unclutter all the things that tend to hold you back. MAKE the time to exercise, even if it’s for only 20 minutes. Every minute counts.

Here’s one way to keep you focused and on track:

Choose a few of these quotes below and write them down on post-it notes (or if you don’t have post-its, just print these out!). Then, stick them in places you interact with/see every day to keep you from falling off the wagon.


Also, check out Sarah (via MomTV) on how to keep off those unwanted holiday pounds: