How to use Evernote to organize a gift closet

Hi.  I’m Cass.  I’m new here.  Say Hi in the comments – I really like comments and I like to respond to comments.  Sometimes when I like the comment I gift the commenter with a Starbucks beverage.  I do this because it’s an excuse to go to Starbucks and I’m a sleep deprived Mom.  We deserve Starbucks.

Speaking of sleep deprived I have had a problem in the past of buying THE PERFECT present and then hiding it in a really good spot so that the intended recipient doesn’t stumble across it while grabbing a towel or searching for another box of Cheerios.   I’m apparently a great hider.  It’s the seeking I struggle with.  If I’ve found you the perfect jewlry traveling case because I know you’re always visiting your sister in Tulsa you’re going to GET it and even DURING the holiday.  You can thank Evernote.

If you haven’t used Evernote hop on over and check it out – it’s free (there is a premium version for power users).  So this is how I’m doing to use Evernote to find your present.

Step One: I have a notebook called Presents (original, yes?)

Step Two: Create a note in this notebook called The Nice List
This list has each persons name in one column, the intended gift if I have an idea and also holds some URL’s of places I’ve seen it online to price compare.

Step Three: Create a note in the notebook called The Hiding Spot
The Hiding Spot has a list of the presents, intended receipient and a picture of where I’ve hidden it.  I take the picture on my iPhone and it goes directly into this Evernote notebook.  (works on a ton of different mobile phones)

If you’d like to start using Evernote today and you’d like to use the notebooks mentioned above visit the GetButtonedUp shared notebook here. As we continue to use Evernote with the Buttoned Up Principles this Shared Notebook will be stocked with tips, templates and fun links.

Are you a present hider?  Have you once found a festive turtleneck for your Aunt Leslie with a receipt dating back to 1999? Oh, yeah – me neither.