Organizing Your Apartment Hunt

The last apartment I lived in didn’t have a dishwasher, garbage disposal, or laundry, which made for an interesting experience.

When my roommate at the time and I looked at the place, we just assumed that the apartment had these amenities. After we signed the lease we both looked around and realized what we had assumed was not actually the reality. We had convinced ourselves that those features came standard and so we didn’t even think to double check. We were moving at a time when apartments were very scarce in Los Angeles and the options were very few and far between. We called and looked at so many places over various weekends that we couldn’t keep them straight. I’m now searching for a new apartment and I realize I’ll need to learn from my past experience and approach the situation differently. Being organized during your search is a great way to ensure that you are actually moving into the place you thought you were. Unlike house hunting, apartment hunting is different because you usually don’t get the opportunity to look at the place multiple times.

I decided to take specific action this time around and my first step was to create a document with the amenities that I considered most important. After I had this document, I decided to search for places that fit these guidelines and in my price range. I did include a few places that didn’t have all the amities I was looking for just to compare. The last step in the process and the most important for me considering my past experience was to take pictures as I walked through. After a long day of searching it is amazing to look back at the pictures. Somewhere along the search my brain decided to remember the various apartments differently. However, pictures don’t lie and my mind was refreshed as to the reality. I feel that this time around my apartment search was much more successful and I think I’ll be happier in my new place, due to the initial effort and organization! Happy hunting! 