Monday’s Double Shot: Gift Guides For Kids & Getting Organized

Happy Cyber Monday!

Judging by my email in box it seems it has become a real holiday. If you didn’t get everything you needed with the door-buster specials on Black Friday (and Saturday), now is the time to finish off your shopping list. I wanted to start with a few tips today to help you navigate your holiday gift list and then I am going to give you my personal top fave items this year.

Cyber Monday:

Don’t shop online today without first spending a few minutes to see if you can save on what you want to buy.

The first place I will check (and you should too) is This is the day this site waits for all year long and they do not disappoint. Deals, deals and more deals on everything you can imagine. Other favorite sites of mine to look for deals are and Believe me, it is worth it to spend five minutes to browse these sites and see if there are savings to be found. Also, we have a great deal and contest going on where you can get 3 of our Buttoned Up Stocking Stuffer Coupon Books for only $10 and enter to win a gift basket of our products just for passing on the offer. Make sure to visit and see our offer at

My Favorite Organizer Gifts for $25 and Under

So here are my top 5 organizing gifts (in no particular order) under $25.

I love these and am giving them out this year. Please also comment and let me know your favorites as well.
1. Magnetic Measuring Spoons – Everyone hates having to look for a missing ½ tsp. when you need it for the recipe you are right in the middle of and those spoon sets on a ring are difficult to maneuver. These stay together magnetically and stack great for your drawer. Love these and bought a set for me too!
2. 2 Pod Charging Station – This is another favorite of mine and with 2 stations you can charge your phone and ipod both in the same place. It also makes sure you do not have to hunt your gadgets down each morning. They will be right in the charging station ready to go and fully charged.
3. Catch Up, Would You and Not To Do Pads – These are my favorite notepads and I use them all of the time. They are great ways to stay sanely organized and have fun while doing it. Spend $20 and get 25% off. Use Code: 25OFF.
4. Upgrade Flight Kit – Give your friends all of the amenities of First Class next time they travel. The neck pillow is my favorite.
5. Travel Space Bags – We all try to do everything we can to avoid checking luggage when we fly. Well now with Travel Space Bags you can take so much more in just a small carry on. Love these and taking them with us on our holiday trip this year.

My Favorite Kids Gifts for $25 and Under

So here are my top 5 kid gifts (in no particular order) under $25.

Please let me know your favorites as well.
1 Family Table Topics – Never have to think of things to start family conversation ever again. These table topic cards are fun for families with kids of all ages. Great way to also learn about your kids.
2. A gift card at their favorite store – Kids as young as 5 love to be able to pick out what they want at the store all on their own. Get the kids on your list a gift card so they can do just that. Be it Justice, iTunes or Target, let them get what they want all from you.
3. Temporary Hand Tattoos – These are hand tattoos that turn your hands into instant puppets. They are so much fun for everyone.
4. Connect 4×4 – This game is taken to the next level and is fun for almost any age.
5. Holiday Favorite DVDs– Give a DVD that will be used for many years to come. It has on it all of the favorites like Rudolph, Santa is Coming to Town, and Frosty. Who doesn’t want to have this?

So there you have the Monday double shot and while it might not wake you up as much as your Macchiato at The Coffee Bean, it might just give you some ideas for easy ways to get organized this week.

Let us know what other ideas you want to hear from us about.

A few dates to remember for the week:

Monday – Cyber Monday
December 1-7 – Cookie Cutter Week