Transformation: Kitchen Cupboard

So often when we share space with others, their lack of understanding on how we work in the space results in an inefficient work flow for us. This was the case with Karen. Over the next couple of weeks I will show you how we transformed her kitchen, step by step to suit her – and you can do it too!

We all have our little problem areas that we would like more organized, and my friend Karen was no different. She and I worked on reorganizing her kitchen so it worked for the person who did most of the cooking and clean up – Karen! Karen has some health issues, so picking things up and even bending for things can be challenging at times. Our goal was to reorganize her kitchen so that the items she used most often were within easy reach and to reduce the bending and carrying of items as much as possible.

Today’s Transformation: Cabinet for Dishes

Karen had dishes stored in a cupboard near her stove, not her dishwasher. This meant that every time the dishwasher was emptied, dishes had to be carried across the kitchen to be put away. Her glasses were over the dishwasher area, but they filled the entire cupboard – plus they were also stashed in cupboards throughout the kitchen. She never really knew where to find everything and her family did not know where to put things away when they tried to help her.

These are the steps we took to transform the cupboard into a workable space for Karen and her family.

#1 Cup for All Occasions

As you can see from the first image below, Karen’s cupboard did not look too bad (believe me I’ve seen worse), but we determined that was not the best use of the space. This cupboard is over Karen’s dishwasher. To make unloading easier, we decided to make that cupboard the dishes/glasses cupboard.

Glass cupboard before

#2 Sippy Cup Anyone?

We completely emptied the cupboard, and pulled all dishes and cups, glasses, etc. out of all other cupboards. We had the kitchen island covered – and then some. I convinced Karen to purge glasses, mugs, sippy cups (she babysat kids, but did she reaolly need 20 sippy cups?) and sports drink cups. We then set up three boxes – one for her annual yard sale, ne for items that could be tossed, and the third for keepers. The items she did not use on a daily basis, but did not fit the two boxes were packed up in a sturdy cardboard box. We labeled the box and put it into her storage area in her basement. Now when she feels she needs them for entertaining, she knows where to find them.

#3 Create the Space You Love

Karen needed to get quite a lot of dishes back into the cupboard. To create additional space, we purchased simple shelving units that created vertical space. We then grouped the items by type and put them back in the cupboard. We put glasses on one side, dishes, bowls and mugs on the other site. Items she only occasionally used were placed on upper shelves. Now Karen’s family knows where to find dishes and glasses when they need it and since this is over the dishwasher, Karen no longer has to go across the kitchen to put her dishes away.

Glass cupboard after

When you assess your kitchen ask yourself – are your dishes above your dishwasher? Is your silverware drawer above or near your dishwasher? Do you have to carry these items across the kitchen? Maybe you could do with a Dish Cupboard re-do! Stay tuned as we help Karen Button Up the rest of her Kitchen – and our ideas may help you too!