Get Organized For Your Next Family Get-Together – From Jodie

My friend, Jodie, is amazing and very together.

I was at her house yesterday and was amazed at how organized she was for her family Thanksgiving dinner she is hosting this week and thought it would be great to share.

Thanksgiving (around 35 guests) is something Jodie has done for many years and she has come up with a way to organize and plan from year to year without missing a beat.

She keeps a very organized Thanksgiving folder which holds everything from the stores she usually shops to the rental place she gets extra tables from. That way she doesn’t have to start from scratch each year trying to remember who she called and what she ordered. It is all there.
Menu DONEh4>

Jodie also keeps a menu that for the most part is the same from year to year.

This is the starting point and on it she notes what she is making and what other people in her family are bringing.
Receipes DONE

Next there are the family recipes that are made each year so they are typed up and ready to hand out and delegate to everyone else who wants to ‘help out.’

Grocery list DONE

This leads to the handwritten grocery list that is separated by what can be bought ahead of time and what needs to be bought just a day or two before the event (e.g. perishables).

This way Jodie is able to get her big shopping out of the way before all of the crowds hit the grocery stores Thanksgiving week.
Timetable DONE

Finally Jodie does a time table for the week of the event including on Thanksgiving day what needs to be done by the hour.

Net net, it is a simple plan that works to lessen stress, save time and money, get other people to help out and insures a great outcome every time.

Thanks Jodie for letting us share.