Cool Find: Squeeze-Me Mittens

The weather’s getting colder — time to warm up with your loved ones, and little ones! So how great would it be to have these adorable mittens as you and your little one go for a walk in the park? I want them and I don’t even have a child!

Two mittens in one, these Squeeze-Me Mittens are a pair of adult-sized mittens with a pair of kid-sized mittens sewn on. They come in all different colors too! They’re a little pricey though, at $60 a pair, so you may want to add to your Holiday Wish List. (via OEUF)


  • Lesley Sutherland

    These are emotionally unhealthy. Give the kid her own damn pair of mittens for goodness sake! Then she won’t be punished with freezing fingers if she dares let go of your hand for a second :-)

  • shelley

    You can’t be serious!?!?