Before Thanksgiving?

Some people have started to put up their Holiday lights now – before Thanksgiving!

At first I thought this was pushing the season, but I thought about it. It’s really not a bad idea – it’s still relatively warm, you can stay outside for awhile without freezing, it’s still light out when many people get home and there is no snow or ice to slip on.

But really, before Thanksgiving?

Maybe this is an indicator of just how busy and stressed we all are. It’s not that these early birds are trying to pull Christmas season closer, they are trying to get hanging the lights off their HUGE to do list! Maybe it’s time to look closely at what we consider a gauge of the season and change the tradition! If you have to put up your lights this early because your list of to do’s is so long, then it’s time to let something go – or delegate it out – or both!

You like lights, so have your wreath light up. That way you hang it and plug it in less than one minute! Where else can you cut your list? Take time today to really assess what is important to you to have a warm, safe Holiday season and get anything that is not a priority off your list!