Wednesday’s Dose of Sunshine: A Cure for Procrastination

You’ve made it through half the week already – high fives all around!

They say that Wednesday is hump day. I guess it’s because there’s still a little pushing uphill required before we can coast guilt-free into the weekend. How does the hump look from where you’re standing? Hard to scale? Hopefully not! But if you are procrastinating, lollygagging, or otherwise putting off a thing or two that you know you need to get organized – then make today the day you at least start to get those tasks over the hump! That way, come Friday afternoon, you can truly turn off and tune-out. Helloooo margarita!

Getting over the hump is easier than it looks.

(1) Take a moment to visualize how great you’ll feel when you’re done with whatever it is that you’ve been putting off.
(2) Break your ‘big’ project down into a handful of smaller steps that you can accomplish in 20-30 minute chunks of time. Use an egg timer to keep yourself on track
(3) Put at least two of those tasks on your to-do list for today. And do them first! They don’t have to be the hardest ones (although a lot of experts will tell you that’s what you should do). As long as you’re doing something meaningful to get the task done, that’s all that matters. If you find yourself stalling, grab an egg timer, set it for 20 minutes, turn off your phone and any other potential distraction (Facebook anyone?), and see how much you can get done in those 20 minutes. Chances are, you’ll be on a roll and won’t want to stop.

I’m going to take my own advice too. As a college student, I’m the queen of procrastination, and what I’ve discovered is that the more I put something off, the bigger of a monster it becomes in my mind. But in the end, no project is ever as big a monster as my imagination makes it out to be. This week I have petition a credit at my university, meaning I’ll have to write a detailed statement of appeal. As frustrating as it is to take time to fix something my advisor did, I must do it if I want the change. I didn’t get to it on Monday or again yesterday because I told myself I was too exhausted from writing mid-term papers, which were all due last week. So this is me, grabbing my egg timer and making a dent in that petition for a course credit.