Transformations: Watch the Video of Sarah’s Desk Going From Disaster to Desirable in 20 Minutes Flat

My desk at home has been a disaster ever since my second son, Lachlan, was born in August. Well, ok, maybe a little longer than that. My desk is my organizational Achilles heel (one of them anyway, my other one is the kitchen counter). I hate filing papers and I need things like my Synonym Finder and research papers close at hand when I work. So stuff piles up. I tend to ignore it and work around it at home because it’s not my ‘real’ office. But since I’m working from home while the peanut is little, it IS my real office. My husband’s favorite refrain whenever he looks over at my side of the home office is: “honey, when are we going to get Buttoned Up?” Very funny. Well, there’s no time like the present!

The following is a little video I took to show you how you can transform something that is truly a mess in a very short amount of time by simply focusing your efforts on the 2 or 3 things that are really going to have the biggest impact.