I have multiple email accounts by design, I try to keep my personal emails separate from my work emails. What tips do you have for email management in general and managing multiple email accounts?

Hello Teri,
I totally feel your pain on the multiple email accounts. When I was COO of 2 start up companies, it was basically a nightmare trying to keep track of them all! Here are some of the ways I kept my sanity with my email:

Putting filters to use: Virtually every e-mail program has embedded filtering technology. Putting those filters to use is one of the simplest ways to streamline your inbox with minimal effort. The beauty is that if you take a few minutes to set up ones that work for you once, your mail will automatically be “sorted” for you when it comes in. Making it one less thing you have to worry about! Use the rules and alerts tools in your e-mail program to move messages from high-priority recipients directly to sub-folders that are easy to monitor. Turn on the junk mail filter! If you have a Palm or Blackberry, separate your e-mail from phone settings so you don’t jump like a Pavlovian dog every time the thing buzzes (try making your phone buzz, but your e-mail silent).

Consolidate: In this digital age, you can receive faxes and voice mails in your e-mail inbox. Sign up for a voice over Internet protocol (VoIP), or a phone line that will e-mail you all voice messages. We also find that it is incredibly useful to have an electronic fax number. This service accepts fax for you, scans it, and e-mails it to you, That way, wherever you are, you get the fax right when it comes in and it is already in an electronic format that is easy to store on your computer. A good service to try is eFax (www.efax.com).

Delete and file: Schedule time at the end of every day (three to five minutes) to delete all of those email messages that you don’t need to save. Put the messages that you do want to save for future reference in a file folder so you can easily access them later.

Schedule time to turn it off: It’s hard to concentrate when you’re constantly bombarded with messages. Try to turn Blackberrys and instant messaging programs (IM) off and close email during scheduled times of the day (it’s generally easier if it’s the first thing in the morning, lunch, and/or end of the day). Schedule it in your calendar as work time. If you can’t fathom disconnecting everyday, try it for two or three days a week.

I wish you all the best and hope this is helpful!

Best Regards!