I have been trying to become organized in general with life, work, family, home but for some reason , I just feel like I could not get organized , what is the best way to become organized in general?

Hi Lily, Thanks for coming to Buttoned Up for your organizing advice! Here at Buttoned Up we believe in three basic principles that will help you get over the organizing inertia and keep you feeling less chaotic. These concepts can be applied to all areas of organizing:

1. Ditch Perfection:
The pursuit of perfection takes a superhuman effort to achieve and a superhuman effort to maintain. You have enough work on your plate already; you don’t need another full time job of attaining impossible standards. So encourage yourself to let go of the need to achieve perfection.

2. Focus on the 20% of tasks that are critical:
The 80/20 rule states that in any pursuit, if you take care of a few important things (20%), you will solve 80% of your problem. The most efficient way forward is to focus on the 20% that is vital to success and spend less time on the rest. If you delegate the some of the not so important priorities, you will actually perform better on your most

3. Delegation:
Once you’ve ditched the need for perfection – it becomes much easier to delegate. Too often, we carry an unnecessarily heavy burden – holding on to and yes, controlling, everything. We know that letting go enough to delegate effectively can be a tough challenge – but it is one worth overcoming. If you don’t learn, you’ll never have a lighter load.

If you have any other questions feel free to let us know! Thanks again for your support of Buttoned Up!

Happy Organizing!
Anne Marie