Wedlock or Deadlock Show: The Transformation

It is the day before the audience taping and the Buttoned Up crew arrives in front of the apartment of Jennifer ready to help her surprise her fiancé, Rocky, with a clean, clutter free house.

There are a bunch of us: me, Nancy, Ash, Fran, Lauren, Marissa, and Leah….the whole gang out in the West. It is a strange feeling entering someone’s home that you have just met and digging right in to get them organized. But that is just what we did. With a simple hello and handshakes, we were set off to review the closets and drop spot we were tasked with organizing.

We came equipped with about 10 bags of organizing items from linen bins, to our Mail.sorter to even plenty of garbage bags. We were ready to get going.

Lauren headed up the hall closet and in no time had it cleared out and began sorting things into piles. She put items not belonging in the closet in one pile so they could find another home and before long was setting up the organizing accessories and putting things back. A job well done and done in about an hour.

Nancy was in charge of going through and then folding the linens and towels. Except for struggling with how to fold a Snuggie (you know that backward bathrobe thing), she was unstoppable and did a great job.

Ash and her team headed to the other closet which did require a bit more work and patience. Perhaps the most challenging task here was convincing Jennifer to donate or toss items she just didn’t need any more. Not easy work but one they handled skillfully and with great patience.

Finally, I started on the junk pile in the kitchen with Nancy. We sorted and put together piles and along with setting the family up with things like a Mail.sorter and Life.doc, we had the area tidied up and looking great in less than two hours.

Before I know it, 3 hours have passed and we are saying goodbye and admiring our work. What fun to organize someone and see the immediate results. And it was a fun Buttoned Up team activity as well!

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