Wedlock or Deadlock Show: Behind the Scenes with Alicia

Where to start? Any time I do TV, I feel as though I am having an out of body experience. There is a rush of nervousness and adrenaline. I keep repeating to myself about the key points I need to make in the limited time I have on camera. Getting ready for Wedlock and Deadlock was no different.

We arrived around 2 ½ hours before show time. It was me, Ashleigh, Lauren and Charly Rok, who drove onto the lot in Hollywood and made our way along the long hallway to one of the small green rooms (which are not green, by the way). We have with us our products (life.doc and mail.sorter) and are ready to get started.

But there is so much to do first. I make my way into makeup sitting next to 2 other ‘maybe brides to be’ for the show. My makeup is done and I must say I look pretty good. I wish this woman could come home with me and be around each morning. I then head over to hair and promptly announce how my hair is ‘awful to deal with. So thin! So sorry about that!’ They tease it up, roll it up in curlers and somehow make it look like I have 5 times as much hair as I really do. Love it!

We head back to the green room to wait some more. One of the grooms has taken ill so there is a short delay. No one is sure what the issue is but most people are guessing it is nerves.

They call us down. Here we go. I get mic’ed up and we are escorted into the front row and briefed about when Dr. Michelle will call on us and how it will all go. With that, the show starts. Lots of energy and clapping. When it is our turn, I talk to Dr. Michelle about how getting organized is so important in any successful partnership (and it is!). Before I know it, our great couple is married and we are backstage eating wedding cake with the family and getting in the photos.

I love days like today. I feel like the Buttoned Up team has really helped jump start a couple who needed our help and that just puts a smile on all of our faces! Have any questions about the taping or the show? Email us at