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Organizing for your child’s First Day of Pre School.

Ellie’s first day of Pre School is already here! I can’t believe it, 2 1/2 years old and I’m already shipping her off to Pre School! What was I thinking?

We have our backpack, water bottles, lunch box, lunch, inexpensive school clothes, forms, doctor’s ok, immunization records, and everything else you need to attend Pre School. Of course Ellie is super excited, and so am I. I guess. I have been looking forward to this day for a couple of months now, but now that the house is quiet I’m wondering if I should have waited another month, or even another year.

Now it’s just me here at the house, alone. I can watch whatever I want on TV. I can go to the potty alone. I can take shower without someone banging on the shower door. I can read a book without being asked a dozen time “what ya doin?” I can get on the computer without Ellie sitting on my lap. I can talk on the phone without Ellie yelling “I want to talk!” Maybe the house is just to quiet now.

I’ve been looking forward to this, imagining everything I’d do with my free time. Put more effort into Rock On Mommies, I’d get in kick ass shape; I’d get a great tan, read more books, maybe even go back to school and learn Flash. The problem is I already miss her.

I know that she’s only in school until 12, but then she’ll come home and take a nap from 1 until 4 or so. When will I actually spend time with her? I’m excited for her to make new friends. Aside from 3 or 4 little girls she plays with, I’ve been her best friend. Is this when she stops thinking of me as one of her friends and now I just become Mommy? Is this when she starts to ask me to invite other kids over for play dates? Is she going to stop wanting to do Mommy and Ellie things?
My husband and I both took her to her first day of school. When it was time to go into her class, she gave us a quick good-bye and was off. That’s it? Where’s my long hug good bye? Where’s my “don’t go Mommy”. Where are the tears? None of that! Just a quick good-bye, her pigtails running down the hallway to her class and me standing there with tears in my eyes.

After I realized that she’d need a lunch (who knew 1/2 days eat lunch at school) I ran out and bought her a new lunch box and lunch. When I went back in to drop it off she was already in circle time and didn’t even look my direction. The teacher asked for song suggestions and of course Ellie is the first to speak out. “How about the ABC song!” I stood in the doorway and watched the class for a minute. Just a minute and then walked, by myself, to my car and drove home. No one in the back seat asking “What this song?”, “Can I play with your iPhone Mommy?”, “Where we going?” Aside from the music, and phone call with Danielle (thank you Danielle!) it was a very quiet drive home.

I’m embarrassed to admit, but I’m counting down the minutes until I can go pick her up again.

I started preparing for Ellie’s first day of Pre school a month ago. Ok, stop laughing, but it’s true.

1.Make sure you have your basics

a. Backpack for the stuff and there will be a lot of “stuff”
b. BPA free water bottle
c. Lunchbox – Don’t forget their lunch like I did!
d. Sunscreen

2. Folder for all your child school records

a. Put the school schedules and special rules here so that their all in one place

3. Medical records

a. Most Pre Schools require immunization records and your child’s medical history with your Doctors sign off

4. Back up outfit!

a. Kids get messy and it’s nice to have a back up outfit at school. While we’re on the subject of clothes, don’t dress your kids in their “good” outfits to go to school. They will get ruined! I went by Target and bought a few inexpensive outfits.

5.Hide a special comfort toy or blanket in their backpacks for nap time. It’s nice to have a favorite comfort item from home.

6. Last but not least, treat yourself! Get a pedicure or go to lunch with a friend. Try and enjoy the quiet time!

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