New Year’s Resolutions

As we welcome in the New Year, our minds are once again optimistic and filled with the notion that we can turn over a new leaf and start fresh – and it feels great!

But quite often, by the time spring rolls around, or sometimes even before we flip the first page on our calendar, our progress is less than expected and we give up on those big plans for improvement. So before you set any goals, consider these tips to help make this be the year you ditch perfection and actually stick to those New Year’s Resolutions.

Sarah on “Underlying Principles”

“Rather than waste the time and energy it takes to worry about projecting a picture perfect image, why not focus on what really matters and work from the inside out? Much like a home, no matter how charming or well decorated, appearances can only go so far without a solid and reliable structure, one that can withstand a little wear and tear and also adjust to its surroundings. So consider the same principles as you think about New Year’s resolutions. You’ll find once the fundamentals are in place, you’ll be much more ready and able to tackle anything that comes across your path.”

Alicia on “The True Meaning”

“At some point or another, everyone one of us has experienced the frustration that comes along with ‘failing’ to stick to your New Year’s resolutions. But more often than not, our inability to stay on track is less about our own doings and more about the resolutions themselves! So before put your plans in action, take a step back and make sure these “ideas for a new you” don’t involve unrealistic goals that are really just a disguise for punishment for being anything less than picture perfect. Besides, who really wants to spend the entire year denying themselves of all the fun stuff like those care free Sunday afternoons or a yummy slice or birthday cake now and again.”

Keep these three thoughts in mind as you set your resolutions for the upcoming year.

#1: Ditch Perfection

Before you set your New Year’s resolutions, take a step back and tell yourself to “ditch perfection.” Say it out loud and repeat as many times as necessary! Then, to give yourself a little momentum and to boost your outlook, cross off any unrealistic resolutions on your “new you” list. Because when you think about it, you really don’t need to have your DVD collection alphabetized or every last file color coded. Once these unnecessary items are off your list and out of the way, you’ll already find yourself off to a better start.

#2: Focus On the Fundamentals

Let’s face it: life is pretty unpredictable! So, when you set rigid goals in advance, such as New Year’s resolutions, it’s often difficult for them to adapt to changes that may come our way. This year, rather than strive for a picture perfect end result, resolve to create a set of principles that will help guide you through the thick and thin. Whether your aim is to become a healthier eater, be more organized, or even to spend more time with your loved ones, a few guiding principles will help you to stay buttoned up no matter which way the pendulum swings.

#3: Talk It Over

Before you even begin to carry out your resolutions take a moment and speak up! You’ll be much more likely to stay on track if you talk about your plans for the upcoming year with the other members of your household. Undoubtedly, they’ll be more than happy to help you work towards your goals anyway they can and also provide you with a bit of encouragement along the way.