Moving Season is Right Around the Corner!

Moving season is fast approaching — half of all moves take place between Memorial Day and Labor Day

…and that means getting organized now — while the kids are still in school, and there’s still time to plan for the unexpected. Every year, nearly a quarter of the population moves. Truly one of life’s most stressful experiences, it turns our lives on end… And, while men usually handle the heavy lifting, the bulk of the organization, packing and coordination tends to fall on women’s shoulders.

If only we could wiggle our noses and have our lives instantly packed up and unpacked in the proper new places. Packing breakables, managing the movers, buying packing supplies, then buying more packing supplies, canceling and setting up the utilities/phone/cable, changing the address, and… did someone grab the dog?

Alicia on ‘Moving: A Time For Giving’

‘Moving is a great time to purge your stuff. Since you’re going through all of your belongings anyway, and finding appliances and clothes you forgot you had in the first place, it’s a good bet you won’t need them in your new home either. Find a local charity to give where you can donate clothing and other items. Have bigger items? Have a tag sale or log on to ebay to get rid of furniture or anything you think could earn you some moving money.’

Sarah on ‘Collecting All Your Information’

‘With boxes piling up and things where they shouldn’t be, it’s more important than ever to have your moving information in one place. Buttoned Up has a Moving.kit, available at Target, just for that purpose. It will help you close up your old house, plan the move itself, and get you settled in your new home. From pre-formatted estimate forms for moving companies, to change of address tracking forms, to delegation lists that make it easy to enlist help, Moving.kit helps make the move and the transition to your new home as seamless as possible.’

Here are some helpful hints to keep your move moving.

Tip #1.
Make a list of things you will need and don’t skimp — it’s easier to go back once to return all the items didn’t use than to go back a number of times to replenish supplies. Staples and other supply stores have flexible return polices that can help you save time and money.

Tip #2.
If you are using movers, understand what the laws are in your state regarding charges above and beyond an original estimate. And, get the best insurance for your move — make sure it will pay to cover the cost of replacing your belongings vs. a flat by the pound.

Tip #3.
Use convenient online change of address services like Or use a fax sheet that you can copy to send out your change of address information to all your contacts.

Tip #4.
Starting two months out, save all your mail in one place — credit card and bank statements, utility bills, magazines, etc. — so you have everything at your fingertips when it comes time to make and track your change of address

Tip #5.
Visit doctors and other professionals before the move and seek a referral near your new home. Also, request all medical, dental, school and veterinary records to take with you

Tip #6.
To manage stress and help your family feel settled as quickly as possible, pack a ‘gift box’ to open on your first day in your new home. Include favorite things and sentimental items that will make you feel at home. Also be sure to make a list of the ‘pack me last/open me first’ essential items you’ll need, so you won’t be digging through boxes looking for your telephone, shower curtain and coffee maker when you arrive — nor will you find yourself without toilet paper and soap for the last three hours of packing up the old house!