Styling Mom

Most moms have enough trouble staying on top of their family schedules and the demands of keeping the house together and functioning.

If you add a career to the mix, you can pretty much leave keeping up with the styles and trends of the times by the side of the road! Each week, moms spend and average of 14 hours with their kids, seven hours doing house work, and another 3.5 hours cooking meals. Finding time to stay organized can be hard enough, finding the time to be up to speed on the latest hemlines or best seller can seem to be impossible. Luckily there are some tips, tricks, and online treasures to help busy moms stay organized without losing their edge.

Alicia on ‘Moms are People Too’

‘Each mom needs to find their own equation for carving out a little ‘me’ time; it’s essential for the whole family. Whether you have chosen to be a stay-at-home mom, work full time and have a great day care service, or have a parent or parent-in-law who can watch your child a few days a week while you work part time — you need some decompression time where you take care of you. No matter what the rest of the world tries to you tell you: your family will be better off with a happy and centered mom, it’s ok to take the time. I have developed my own equation for combining work, family, and me time. My solution will be different than yours — but that’s ok. What’s important is finding and carving out your own time.’

Sarah on ‘Using Your Resources’

‘No woman is an island. We are all surrounded by friends, family, coworks, etc that want to help us succeed and be happy. When you’re trying to keep all the plates spinning consider the ones around you and how they might be able to help. The Internet and its services, online magazines, and news sources is also a wonderful, easy, and extremely popular resource. You can order your groceries, pay your bills, register your kids for summer camp, and get tips and excellent finds from other moms. So when you think you’ll never get it all done, take a deep breath, delegate, and surf the web.’

Here are a few tips to stay on top of your game.

#1. Define your variables
In order to build an equation that effectively balances your career, kids, partner, home, and most importantly your self, you need to define the variables involved. Take a good look at yourself and decide what you can do, making sure you can do it all well. Make room for the important stuff (girl nights, date nights, kids, career), but don’t take on too much. Once you decide what you can handle, you can examine your resources and work on making it happen.

#2. Check out is a great place to get almost anything a busy mom needs, whether it is boredom busters for your kids, organizing ideas, great craft projects, an iPod workout mix, recipes or, just some practical parenting tips. There is a retail section on the site as well as downloadable templates of organization tools. Moms can ‘rant’ (share issues and advice), shop, read, plan, and sign up for giveaways of great new mom products. This site is a great resource for today’s mothers. (

#3. Delegate
While online resources will divulge many helpful tips and shortcuts to ‘doing it all’, the truth is that if you’re doing it all, you’re doing too much. Little chores and tasks can be taken care of by others, leaving you more time to concentrate on your savvy, stylish self. Delegation does not mean stepping down as an organizational guru, it means you’re organized enough to prioritize and let others lend a helping hand.